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When working, I'm living in a 140 year old farm house in Southern Ontario, Canada. The farm is in Green Belt and we have over a hundredfourty different kinds of migratory birds passing by throughout the year. Woods, corn and soy fields souround the house while deer, coyotees, rabbits and wild turkeys visit frequently. It is very peacefull and inspiring space for creative work.


And when I have my 'Big Town Energy Bug', or when there is an art happening that I want to attend,  I go back to my home base in New York City.


I love these two of 'My Worlds'!!!

"I began painting when realizing that beauty lies in simplicity, in reaching within, and finding that something that has always been there, and again releasing it. In my case I found my art work, which has taken me on the most beautiful journey and spiritual fulfillment an artist could wish for."

"My work includes portraits of feminine beauty, marine life and world cultures which have been created by acrylic medium on canvas and wood. 

I prefer using vibrant colors with very detailed graphic elements and rhythms forming in a way to further the expression imagined."

"My art is painted in Realism Style with additions of Surrealism elements completing the painting aiming to steer feelings in peoples minds in a positive and imaginary way."

"Through female portraits I want to give modern and elegant feel while expressing beauty of the world, erotic, innocent sensuality, positive energy, magic, symbolism and mystery - all what, in my mind, represents the modern woman of the world."

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